Enjoy Holiday Magnetism on India Tours

Enjoy Holiday Magnetism on India Tours

India has got a lot of tourism options appealing tourists and vacationers from all over the world. Right from the top to toe, Indian tourism is seen to have a perfect blend of a unique cultural heritage with modern characteristics of life.

It is famous for its unique culture and tradition, art, historical backgrounds, wildlife, flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, vast deserts, verdant hill stations, magnificent forts and palaces and lush green forests.

The five dimensions of Indian tourism potential include:

Northern Mountains: It pictures the nature’s beauty perfectly for your eyes with a large number of hill stations in Jammu and Kashmir, the splendid Himalayan range, Historical places like Delhi, Deserts and forts of Rajasthan and the pride of India-The Taj Mahal.

Central Flora and fauna and Buddhist enlightenment: The seven beautiful central states of the Indian subcontinent have been remained mysterious for long, now these states have been opening up for India tour allowing a huge potential to be explored.

The sundarbans, the Buddhist pilgrimages, famous National parks and the rich flora and fauna are the must see things in an India tour.

Eastern Heritage: The state of West Bengal in eastern India is again rich with cultural heritage and historical importance from the Britishers’ ruling period in India.

The capital city Kolkata is a busy city and has some of the famous buildings in India like the Victoria Memorial. The eastern hilly states are well accessible from Kolkata and so are the beautiful Andaman Islands in Bay of Bengal.

Western gateway: In the western India, the tourists have some uncommon destinations and experiences delightful to them. One such place is Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra.

It is the financial capital of India. Its major landmark is the Gateway of India which was built in 1911 to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India. Elephanta caves on the Elephanta island is a unique natural rock formation into caves.

Ajanta and Ellora caves date back from 200 B.C. to 800A.D. Goa is the favorite holiday destinations among the young owing to a number of beaches and churches as well as the ample greenery in the area.

The state of Gujarat is famous for its sea ports, temples and diamonds. The hospitality of the people of Gujarat add another feather to the hat of its pride.

Southern beaches and spices: The southern coasts of India are well endowed with beautiful beaches. The backwaters of Kerala are the major tourist attraction in an Indian tour.

The southern India is famous for its unique and rare spices all over the world. The only two cyber cities in India (Bangalore and now Hyderabad also) are located in the Southern region.

Karnataka silk, Hyderabadi pearls and monuments add to the attractiveness of the place for an incredible India tourism The three oceans around India, namely the Indian Ocean, the Arabic Sea, and the Bay of Bengal are loaded with rich marine fauna including the beautiful corals.

Incredible India tours also enable one to come and relax here for a wonderful vacation while spending time in spas where one can rejuvenate his mind and body and at the same time indulge in adventure sports like canoeing, white water rafting, hiking and mountain climbing in the Himalayas.

The tourists leave with a spellbinding effect that lasts in their minds for the years to come. The Indian heritage, its culture, picturesque places, rich flora and fauna and the unmatchable hospitality are the few gems to the crown of India tourism.

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